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SMD Medical Transcription Services


Medical transcription services are one of the most challenging parts of the healthcare cycle with very few standards & potential billing challenges, SoftcareMD provides control over the process from dictation to transcription to document management by meeting new HIPAA regulations, guaranteeing 99.5% accuracy and next day turn-around-time. This will save hospitals and medical practices up to 30% without any capital expenditure.

SoftcareMD has over a decade of experience in offering a web-based document management platform that provides clients with all aspects of the documentation process through confidentiality contracts, encryption technology, & dedicated data lines.

SoftcareMD provides online accounts for physicians & staff, in order for easy access through virtually any internet accessible computer to search, review, edit, print, fax, e-sign, so as to provide seamless medical transcription services. These files, subsequent to sign- off, can be automatically uploaded to the health info systems using the latest integration options such as HL-7, or these can be manually posted by us as per your requirements.

SoftcareMD is a genuine member of the consortium with Verizon Medical Data Exchange (MMDE), and in allowing you can connect with 300,000+ physicians to interact for clinical documentation.

Benefits of Medical Transcription for Meaningful Use (MIPS/MACRA)


  • Providers can dictate as many always have, enabling them to be more productive. EHR Adoption.
  • Providers can review E-Edit and E-Sign after dictations are transcribed. The final and completed content is delivered to their EHR Quality.
  • Providers can spend more time with their patients. Full Story.
  • According to research, dictation saves an hour of a provider’s day compared to point & click with an EHR system. Increased Revenue.
  • Documented encounters capture the complete, cognitive analysis of clinicians instead of by “one-size-fits-all” templates. Improved Top-Line Coding.